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Next-Generation Object Storage and Serverless Computing

Converge data and applications on the same infrastructure, and take your business to the next level. Store, protect, process, and serve any data on any hardware with no limits.
  • lower your TCO 80% !

  • reduce hardware footprint 40% !

  • simplify platform administration and app development 90% !

Make your infrastructure agile and flexible

  • Easy to use

    Easy to test, deploy, manage, and use. New hardware is automatically discovered and can be used immediately. Data is automatically routed and load-balanced to the best available nodes.
  • 1 TB to 1000+ PB

    Start small and grow with your needs. Scalability is simple and efficient: easily add one node or hundreds. Deploy as you grow, by small or large increments: the choice is yours.
  • Application-aware

    Run applications and store data on the same infrastructure. Scale-out application back ends can be built on the storage platform itself. Optimize resources and simplify load balancing for storage and processing.
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Scale out storage and applications with no limits

Be more competitive

  • Unparalleled scalability

    Discover true scalability. No need to re-organize the directory or re-shuffle data to activate new nodes. Simply add a node, make it discoverable by OpenIO, and it becomes available. You can start using your additional capacity right away.
  • Use your own hardware

    OpenIO software is auto-adaptive. Not just hardware agnostic, OpenIO has built-in support for heterogeneous hardware within the same cluster. Each node is used to its maximal capacity, and no node gets overloaded at any time.
  • Cost effective

    Complies with customers’ expectations. Reduce cost and TCO by 80% compared with legacy storage arrays, without compromising on data protection or availability.
  • Data protection

    OpenIO offers the best data protection mechanisms, such as replication supporting multiple copies, local and remote, and fully configurable erasure coding.
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OpenIO Open Source

OpenIO core is open source and available online. Its functionality is not limited in any way, and it can run petabyte-scale object storage platforms. Anyone can collaborate on this project, from enthusiasts to developers. Let’s build it together. Join the community!
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OpenIO Power Tools

  • Email edition

    Email Connectors

    Optimized to scale out email, contact, and calendar storage. Run malware scans and full-text indexing on the storage infrastructure. OpenIO provides specific connectors for Cyrus, Dovecot/Open-Xchange, and Zimbra.
  • Video edition

    Video Tools

    Several key tools for demanding video environments for storing, transcoding, and streaming video at a massive scale. OpenIO delivers high performance and resiliency at a very efficient cost, built on the open source object storage platform.
  • Enterprise Storage edition

    File Services

    This complements the core object storage solution with a file system view. Applications do not need to embed object APIs to connect to storage entities. Supported protocols and access methods are NFS, SMB, FTP, or local mountpoints with FUSE.

What can you do with OpenIO?

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