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Next-Generation Object Storage


OpenIO provides open source technology, aimed at building hyper scalable storage with integrated compute capabilities. This eliminates the risk of lock-ins, and provides excellent TCO for the highest and fastest ROI.

Our software meets the needs of today and is ready for the challenges of the future.


OpenIO offers an innovative architecture for building object storage infrastructures that are easy to deploy and scale over time.

Its unique characteristics and integrated event-driven compute framework ensure optimized data access and simplify complex workloads by offloading some tasks directly to the storage infrastructure.

Serverless Computing


Just applications and data, simplifying the stack, making the most of available resources and allowing a different approach when it comes to next-generation applications like machine learning and Industrial IoT.

OpenIO Grid for Apps provides administrators with optimal efficiency and TCO from the storage infrastructure.


The optimal efficiency introduced by OpenIO SDS’s lightweight and flexible design allows administrators to take advantage of unused resources and run applications directly on the storage infrastructure.

OpenIO’s event-driven computing framework doesn’t need any additional hypervisors, containers, or orchestrators.

Do more with OpenIO

  • Email

    Email continues to be at the heart of many businesses, and it is crucial that email storage solutions prevent data loss and ensure uninterrupted service. The infrastructure supporting the email service must also scale transparently within a data center and across geographies, while providing the lowest $/GB.

  • Digital Content

    Video, pictures, audio, and many other types of data are accessed by several kinds of devices and users at the same time. They grow in number and size exponentially every year, and they must be accessible all the time. Large digital content repositories must be reliable, geo-distributed, and scalable, yet cost is a key factor.

  • Active Archive

    Continuous data growth and the need for better compliancy with laws and regulations call for solutions capable of supporting multiple storage tiers, with unlimited scaling capabilities, low TCO, and high resiliency for long-term data retention.

  • IoT & Big Data

    Scalability, reliability, and availability are essential for smart and effective data lakes. And offloading some compute tasks to the storage infrastructure has a positive impact on the overall stack both in terms of costs and speed.

  • Backup

    Traditional backup infrastructures are no longer effective, and most backup software now supports object stores for large backup targets. Depending on size and user needs, the object store can match the performance of file-based systems at the cost of tape libraries for a more sustainable backup infrastructure.

  • Private Cloud

    Cloud computing models are at the base of every IT infrastructure. No matter what is needed now, every organization wants to be able to move from cloud to cloud, or to use multiple sources concurrently. A storage infrastructure that can seamlessly span from an organization’s premises to the public cloud without lock-ins is essential.

Go beyond object storage

  • Lightweight

    OpenIO’s unique technology can be at the core of any cloud, edge, or IIOT infrastructure, freeing IT architects from compatibility issues and complexities.

  • Flexible

    OpenIO designs its products with flexibility in mind, allowing users to react swiftly to any business change, and to scale quickly. Deploy as you grow, by small or large increments: the choice is yours.

  • Serverless

    The unparalleled level of efficiency introduced by OpenIO’s lightweight and flexible design allows users to take advantage of unused resources and run applications directly on the storage infrastructure.

  • Open Source Software

    OpenIO’s core technology is open source, enabling our customers to avoid any form of lock-in while taking advantage of a pay-as-you-go licensing model for support and options.

Product Overview


To meet our ever-increasing storage needs, OpenIO object storage naturally stood out as a scalable, efficient and easy-to-run technology
Alan Martins, VP Infrastructure, Dailymotion
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Partners ecosystem

  • Marvell
  • Supermicro
  • Seagate
  • Backblaze
  • HPE Helion
  • OX
  • 2CRSI
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  • SME
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  • Icos
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OpenIO Open Source

OpenIO core is open source and available online. Its functionality is not limited in any way, and it can run petabyte-scale object storage platforms. Anyone can collaborate on this project, from enthusiasts to developers. Let’s build it together. Join the community!
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