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  • Object Storage Fast Flexible Hyper-scalable

    Next-Gen Object Storage.
    Flexible. Smart. Fast.
    Open Source

    Software-defined storage that overcomes scalability and performance barriers

The on-premises cloud storage solution that surpasses the limitations of traditional object stores

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  • OpenIO SDS

    Store data on any hardware, at any scale, for any app

  • Grid for Apps

    Run applications directly on the storage infrastructure

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  • Flexible

    Combine different types of hardware and scale quickly. Easily add one node or hundreds, with no mandatory rebalancing of data when you scale.

  • Smart

    Simplify admin tasks. New hardware is automatically discovered. Data is automatically routed and load-balanced.

  • Fast

    Achieve peak performance and efficiency at any scale. Run it at the core of any cloud or IIoT infrastructure.

  • We are open source
Case studies
  • Dailymotion
  • CEA
  • Aqua Ray
  • IIJ
  • Teezly
  • Dailymotion
    • 50 M
      videos per month
    • 800 M
    • 40 PB
    • 30%
      storage growth per year
    Media & Entertainment

    Dailymotion improves multipetabyte infrastructure sustainability and TCO with OpenIO SDS

    Read the Case Study
  • CEA
    • 4U
    • 96
    • 768 TB
      net storage
    • S3
    Academic & Research

    CEA improves power efficiency of active archiving in its HPC center with OpenIO on ARM

  • Aqua Ray
    • 3
      data centers
    • Mixed
    • 200 TB
    • 20%
      storage growth per year

    Aqua Ray adopts OpenIO SDS to build a next-gen backend for its cloud storage services, while improving TCO and flexibility

    Read the Case Study
  • IIJ
    • 14 M
    • 5,5 K
      emails indexed per minute
    • 2
    • 100%

    IIJ (Internet Initiative Japan) uses an all-flash OpenIO SDS object storage system for its next-gen email platform

    Read the Case Study
  • Teezly
    • 35
    • 10 Bln
    • 500 TB
    • 90%
    Online Retail

    Teezily saves 90% of storage infrastructure costs each year, moving from Amazon AWS to OpenIO SDS

    Watch the Video

Why OpenIO?

  • Unlimited scalability

    Simple and efficient. Add one node or hundreds with no mandatory rebalancing and consistent high performance.

  • Easy to use

    Storage with a Conscience. Dynamic load balancing simplifies deployment, expansion, and system ma-nagement, providing real time resource monitoring and fine tuning.

  • Total freedom

    Open source and hardware agnostic. You can mix heterogenous hardware and avoid any lock-in.

  • Cost efficiency

    Pay-as-you-go. Cut TCO by 80% vs. conventional storage without compromising on performance, availability, or data protection.

  • OpenIO SDS scales seamlessly and quickly. We did this twice already in a few months, without service disruption, and new resources were available in a matter of minutes.

    Michael Boutoille
    COO at Vade Secure
  • We can run the software on any kind of server, on any hardware, with small amounts of CPU and RAM.

    Guillaume de Lafond
    Technical Director at Aqua Ray
  • OpenIO stands out as a scalable, efficient and easy-to-run object store. It costs us 50% less than a comparable scale-out NAS solution.

    Alan Martins
    VP Infrastructure at Dailymotion


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