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OpenIO 15.12 Released

A global release which follows the new naming rules and brings compatibility between all of our projects: oio-sds, oiopy, oio-swift, Puppet modules, deployment tools and so forth.

It is also the first OpenIO release where we will insure no compatibility issues in the data and metadata layout between releases.

What’s new in OpenIO 15.12?

  • New pythonic CLI, the old one in C has been removed
  • New Meta2 optimized schema for lower I/O usage
  • The reverse directory (Rdir) is now open source, to be used for rebuilding failed drives
  • The new C API is now mature and adds streamed PUT, deduplication related calls (application based), reviewed APPEND semantics
  • SQL-X C client (our embedded database driver)
  • Improved robustness with systematic unitary tests integrated within Github workflow
  • Improved documentation especially for internal and low-level APIs
  • Support for Fedora 23 (Fedora 21 will be removed in the next release)
  • Vagrant support has been extended to Amazon EC2 and OpenStack
  • Most Vagrant boxes have been unified under one common box (to limit downloading)
  • Vagrant files are now a Github project
  • Puppet modules are available on Puppet Forge (