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Need for Speed: How High Perf Object Storage Can Fit with Big Data Use Cases

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On November 14 in Paris, we brought together our customers and partners to celebrate the performance achieved at the end of September on Criteo’s infrastructure.  OpenIO Object Storage had then surpassed the bar of terabit per second write speed, inaugurating the #TbpsChallenge. This event – concluded with the visit of Octave Klaba, founder of OVHcloud and emblematic figure of FrenchTech – has been an opportunity to discuss the current upheaval in the storage market. A new generation of performance-oriented object storage solutions has arrived, able to meet the needs of Big Data use cases.

With the interventions of: Laurent Denel, Jean-François Smigielski, Jérôme Loyet (OpenIO), Stuart Pook (Criteo Lab), Stanislas Odinot (Intel), Umeshwaree Ramnihora Rai (Western Digital), Benoît Baron and Claire Chupin (2CRSi), Sébastien Blot (Kayrros), Ludovic Prévost and Caroline Vidal (ICM Brain & Spine Insititute) and Octave Klaba (OVHcloud).

As it happened: live-tweet

OpenIO for Big Data launch event - Paris, November 14

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