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06 April 2017 Online webinar

It’s time for object storage!

Join Enrico Signoretti and Guillaume Delaporte from OpenIO, to learn about the benefits of object storage and how OpenIO can help you in adopting it quickly, with a limited initial investment and the highest ROI.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Why object storage can change your storage economics, no matter the size of your organization
  • Primary use cases for object storage
  • Quick introduction to OpenIO SDS
  • How OpenIO SDS works to make potential savings a reality
  • A quick product demo to get a taste of OpenIO flexibility and ease of use

This webinar meets two times:

  1. 11 AM – 12 PM CEST
  2. 7 PM – 8 PM CEST
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6 April 2017
Online webinar
It’s time for object storage!