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Get started
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Create your own OpenIO storage

  1. 1. Install

    1. Create the Virtual Machine
    2. Setup the development environment
    3. Run the pre-configured OpenIO install
      On a prompt:
      # vagrant init openio/sds
      # OIO_PROFILE=vagrant-swift vagrant up
      # vagrant up
  2. 2. Choose access

    1. Access through OpenStack Swift or Amazon S3
  3. 3. What next?

    1. Learn more
      Check out our documentation to learn how to use our software.
    2. Ask us
      Our experts are happy to help!

Create your own OpenIO storage

  • Quick deployment

    Deploy your own OpenIO cluster in a few minutes.

  • Streamlined administration

    Reduce your platform administration costs and your app development time by 90%.

  • Peace of mind

    Your storage platform runs reliably, day and night.

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