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Open Source Core

OpenIO Object Storage is open core: the heart of the solution and the object APIs are open source. This guarantees the long-term availability of the solution and gives your engineers the opportunity to delve into our technology at any time, to really understand how it works.


The value of on-premise open source storage

Accessibility. The benefits of using open source software are wide and diverse, but maybe the most important is accessibility. OpenIO core and the object APIs are on GitHub and available as packages for the supported linux distributions. OpenIO can be freely downloaded to try it out and see if it’s the right fit for your needs. If it is, great! And if not, then no worries, and no vendor lock-in. Open source solutions are also more interoperable with other technologies, which gives you the freedom to work within the ecosystem of your choice.

Reduced TCO. With OpenIO you will have an overall lower TCO compared to proprietary software, because the core code is free and you only pay for the services and extra features that you need.

Start the conversation with our engineers when you sign up for one of our subscription plans, or chat with other users on the Slack community.

Our engineers appreciate the open core of OpenIO, and the fact that it works with any hardware and technologies.
Jacques-Charles Lafoucriere Head of Department at CEA

Subscription Plans

Our subscription service is available as Standard, Standard 24/7 or Premium plans, so you can interact with our experts and receive help at any time and when it suits you best.