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Record Growth for OpenIO as New Customers Adopt the Company’s Next-Generation Object Storage Technology

Paris, March 6th, 2018 – OpenIO, an innovator in object storage and serverless computing, today announced record growth for the first year of general availability of its products. There are now more than twenty-five customers using OpenIO SDS, storing more than 30PB of primary data in production, growing fast, in addition to installations using the open-source version of SDS.

OpenIO has seen large numbers of installations in the first year of availability of its SDS object store software. In addition to setting up initial clusters, many customers have expanded their installations after experiencing firsthand the maturity and robustness of the solution. OpenIO is planning to expand its market presence in 2018, as well as optimize OpenIO SDS for additional use cases.

OpenIO offers an innovative architecture for building object storage infrastructures that are easy to deploy and that scale effortlessly over time. Its event-driven computing framework, Grid for Apps, allows businesses to optimize data access and simplify complex workloads by offloading some tasks directly to the storage infrastructure.

Founded in France in 2015, OpenIO now has customers in Europe and Asia, and has begun establishing a foothold in the United States. The company’s open-source technology can run on ARM and x86 servers, and is deployed in installations ranging from a few terabytes up to several dozens of petabytes. OpenIO is now present in a number of vertical markets, including:

> Media & entertainment,
> Cloud & service providers,
> E-commerce,
> Email hosting,
> Academic research,
> Healthcare,
> And more.

OpenIO SDS is optimized for many use cases, ranging from video streaming and email storage, to deep archiving and Industrial IoT.

“It has been a great period for OpenIO, as customers and investors have adopted our solution to fuel the sustainability of their infrastructures,” said Laurent Denel, CEO and co-founder of OpenIO. “We have always focused on demanding use cases for primary data storage, and we are seeing an increasing number of cloud native applications that will require high-performance object storage. OpenIO’s technology is going to be even more relevant in the market.”

OpenIO will focus on expanding its customer base in traditional segments and working on optimizing its software for new use cases, such as high performance all-flash object storage for big data, machine learning applications, and Industrial IoT, thanks to the unique lightweight design and flexibility of OpenIO’s technology.

About OpenIO
OpenIO brings the future of object storage to businesses of all sizes today. It offers the most flexible and versatile solution to solve the scale-out challenges businesses face, from terabytes to thousands of petabytes. This open-source solution provides a new way to build backend services for applications, allowing companies to combine storage and integrated data processing on a single platform.

OpenIO, next generation object storage and serverless computing. Find out more at, and follow @openio on Twitter.

Published on March 6, 2018 under Press releases