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SDS Features

Store any kind of unstructured data, on any hardware, at any scale, and for any workload


  1. Overview
    OpenIO overcomes all the limitations of traditional object stores while offering better functionalities.
  2. Store
    • Scale-out by nature. A shared nothing model aggregates capacity from independent x86 and ARM servers.
    • Limitless storage based on open source technology.
    • Store 1,000+ PBs of data and hundreds of billions of objects.
  3. Protect
    • Data Replication with multiple copies, local and/or remote.
    • Reed-Solomon Erasure Coding.
    • Various topologies from a single data center to multiple or stretched clusters across geos.
  4. Process
    • Install and run applications where data resides.
    • Better application SLAs with data locality.
    • Flexible application support with APIs, file-based access, or SDKs.
    • Unparalleled TCO reduction.
  5. Serve
    • Native Object APIs: C, Python, and Java.
    • Standard Object APIs: OpenIO REST/HTTP, Amazon S3 and OpenStack Swift.
    • Multiple file sharing and access methods: NFS, SMB, FTP and local FUSE.

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  • Community Free
    • Community support
    • OpenIO SDS Open Source
    • S3 and Swift Gateway
    • OpenIO Command Line
    • OpenIO SDKs
  • Standard $/Capacity/Year
    • Standard support
    • All Open Source features
    • Geo replication
    • Deployment Tools
    • Web UI
  • Premium Standard plan
    + Fixed price/Year
    • Premium support
    • All Open Source features
    • Geo replication
    • Deployment Tools
    • Web UI

What do you do with your data?

Experience OpenIO today, and discover how your business can be more agile and unlock the value of your unstructured data.

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