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Key Features

Store any kind of data, on any hardware, at any scale, and for any workload

  • True scalability

    From 1TB to 1000+PB and with no need to ever rebalance data. No need to anticipate your usage: simply deploy as you grow without limits.
    • No consistent hashing based algorithms, no predeterministic data placement
    • Automatic discovery of new nodes
    • No rebalancing, ensuring optimal performance and quality of service
    • Deploy as you grow without limits
  • Application-aware

    Run server less compute tasks directly on the storage platform.
    • Optimize hardware resources
    • Create value with your data
    • Reduce cost
    • Simplify deployment and management
    • Process data in place, rather than moving it to compute hosts
  • Hardware-agnostic

    OpenIO runs on any commodity servers with any Linux distribution.
    • Built-in support for heterogeneous hardware
    • No vendor lock-in, you can recycle or mix hardware
    • Each server is used at its maximum performance
    • Efficient and cost-effective at scale
  • Performance

    Store hundreds of billions of objects in hundreds of millions of containers with rock-solid performance.
    • Fast access and low latency for small and large files
    • Dynamic data placement and advanced load balancing
    • Cache-enabled read operations
    • Tailored connectors for the best QoS and best performance at scale
  • Interoperability

    Native support for files and objects on a single platform.
    • Easy integration with applications that rely on industry-standard protocols such as AmazonĀ® S3 API, OpenStackĀ® Swift API, and native OpenIO REST/HTTP API (C, Java, Python, and Go)
    • Full access to source code on GitHub
    • Access points can be independently configured for high availability
  • Tiering

    Gain total control over where and how your data is stored.
    • Built into the core of the solution
    • Fully configurable through metadata patterns
    • Fully automatic and transparent for both applications and users
    • Kinetic drive and hybrid cloud storage ready
  • Data Protection

    100% availability with an absolute guarantee of no downtime.
    • Self-healing to discover and resolve issues before they become harmful
    • Fully configurable replication with user-definable number of replicas
    • Fully configurable erasure coding for optimal efficiency
    • Fully configurable geo-distribution
  • Easy Management

    Quick to deploy and easy to manage in production.
    • Full operational control over the platform
    • Ubiquitous management with a web UI
    • Automated storage provisioning
    • Reduces your administrative costs