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Why OpenIO

Get the most out of your data
with Next-Gen Object Storage

Process scheme

OpenIO transforms commodity servers into large object storage and compute pools. Store, protect, process and serve any data with one single software-defined solution.

Go beyond object storage

What differentiates OpenIO is that it scales quicker, more transparently and without constraints compared to other solutions we have tested.
Alan Martins, VP Infrastructure Dailymotion

Transform Your Storage Infrastructure

  • Ease of use

    Easy to test, deploy, manage, and use. New hardware is automatically discovered and can be used immediately. Data is automatically routed and load-balanced to the best available nodes.

  • Unparalleled scalability

    Start small and grow with your needs. Scalability is simple and efficient: easily add one node or hundreds. Deploy as you grow, by small or large increments: the choice is yours.

  • Total freedom

    Auto-adaptive, not just hardware agnostic. OpenIO has built-in support for heterogeneous hardware within the same cluster. Each node is used to its maximal capacity, and no node gets overloaded at any time.

  • Cost efficiency

    Compliant with customers’ expectations. OpenIO reduces cost and TCO by 80% compared with legacy storage arrays, without compromising on data protection or availability.

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