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Active Archive

The best $/GB and scalability for deep and active archiving

With organizations of all kinds storing more and more data for longer periods of time, it is essential to implement a storage system that can handle large amounts of data, scale over time, and perform retrievals as transparently as possible.

In this scenario, a low $/GB is fundamental for infrastructure sustainability, while file and API-based access methods can help end users access data from legacy as well as modern web-based and mobile applications.

Commodity hardware, maximum result

OpenIO SDS is the platform of choice for secondary storage workloads, especially for data archiving. It runs on commodity servers leveraging standard hardware components, such as low-cost, high-capacity hard drives, while delivering maximum resiliency, durability and accessibility.

  • Large files
  • Dominated by write operations
  • File Sharing Protocols such NFS, SMB, FTP
  • Local and remote data protection
  • Support of archiving, tiering, HSM and migration software
  • WORM capable and optionally
  • Compliance with industry regulations
OpenIO key characteristics and benefit
  • Industry-standard file sharing protocols, such SMB, NFS, AFP, FTP, and FUSE for seamless data access
  • Long term retention with WORM capabilities
  • Automated dynamic tiering for the best $/GB and high performance for frequently accessed files
  • Software-defined storage solution leverages commodity servers a
  • Open source software
  • Data availability and durability, thanks to sophisticated replication techniques and erasure coding
  • Low TCO

Active Archive solutions partners

  • Backblaze
  • Rubrik
Bring your digital business to the next-level
  • lower your TCO 80% !

  • reduce hardware footprint 40% !

  • simplify platform administration and app development 90% !