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Cloud Storage

Secure and affordable cloud platform

New forms of storage are needed to cope with high-demand applications for the web and for mobile users. To control data while maintaining costs at a reasonable level, it is necessary to change the way storage is accessed and consumed.

Distributed storage infrastructures, central high-capacity repositories

OpenIO SDS is a distributed storage system that can be accessed via traditional protocols as well as APIs like S3 and Swift. Its architecture is designed to allow end users to deploy it on local, stretched, and geo-distributed configurations, so data can be always accessible and available from any kind of application at anytime, and from anywhere.

  • High-demand applications for the web and for mobile users;
  • Accessing data from any location at any time, and from any device;
  • Control data while maintaining costs at a reasonable level;
  • Distribute data over geographies;
  • Access data with internet protocols.
  • Flexible configuration for local, stretched, and geo-distributed deployments;
  • Multitenancy for consolidating data and applications;
  • S3 and Swift compatibility for broad third-party application and gateway support;
  • Certified enterprise Sync&Share solution;
  • Back-end object storage for web and mobile applications;
  • Lower TCO compared to traditional storage.

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