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Digital Content

One solution, a wide range of use cases for media & entertainment business

Videos, audio, and graphics are expanding at the heart of many digital businesses. Content distribution networks, direct streaming, rendering, and near-line archives are currently the most common of such applications, but more and more use cases are surfacing with the increase of rich media in the enterprise environment, showing the inadequacy of traditional storage infrastructures.

Any size, any use

OpenIO allows to build media content repositories of any size, adapting to several use cases. Deployed with several video services, it serves files quickly through different access methods, with low $/GB and high resiliency.

  • Large files
  • Bandwidth/Throughput oriented
  • Transcoding/encoding
  • Heavy tasks load if transcoding, lots of independent tasks for streaming
  • Broadest accessibility
  • Local and remote data protection
OpenIO key characteristics and benefit
  • The Grid for Apps consolidates applications and data storage for unmatched efficiency: MAM, FFT, workflow and editing application support, transcoding/encoding engine integration
  • The Conscience technology provides continuous, automated load balancing for the highest parallelism, throughput, and consistent performance
  • Remote internet access and application integration through REST, HTTP, S3 and Swift APIs
  • File sharing protocols including SMB, NFS, FTP, and AFP in addition to native local file access based on FUSE
  • Mature solution deployed with several video services that require fast file transfers and media asset management
  • Pure software-defined storage solution that leverages commodity hardware, using standard Linux distributions
  • Open source software
  • High data durability thanks to replication and erasure coding techniques
  • Transparent dynamic tiering so end users have the best combination of $/GB and performance
  • Low TCO
Bring your digital business to the next-level
  • lower your TCO 80% !

  • reduce hardware footprint 40% !

  • simplify platform administration and app development 90% !