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email platform

Today, even with new messaging and social media tools available, email remains one of the most ubiquitous form of communication. More than 205 billions of emails are sent and received each day, the number of email accounts is still growing from 4.35 billion accounts in 2016 to 5.59 billion by 2019.

Data accumulation from these mailboxes is an issue, especially at scale. Providers are facing a real challenge in their efforts to optimize their storage infrastructure, while fulfilling their quality of service (QoS) requirements.

Small objects, high scalability

OpenIO has an incredible track record with email services, having worked and sustained large email services during last decade for telco operators in France. So far, the product supports more than 45 million users for web mail applications and associated cloud storage service.

  • 45 M mailboxes
  • 20 K services online
  • 15 PB storage
  • 10 B objects
  • Native email application integration and support
  • Small files
  • High Parallelism
  • Lots of operations (IOPS)
  • REST and HTTP APIs
  • Local and remote data protection
  • Seamless upgrade and administration
OpenIO key characteristics and benefit
  • Proven large deployments with tens of millions of users;
  • Standard commercial and open source email engines with dedicated connectors and integrations for messaging systems with Synacor Zimbra, Cyrus, Dovecot/Open-Xchange, and Synchronoss (Openwave Messaging);
  • Pure Software-Defined Storage solution. Fully hardware agnostic, it runs on mixed hardware with various model generations within the same platform;
  • Open Source software;
  • High Data Durability with replication and erasure coding techniques
  • Low $/GB thanks to compression, erasure coding, and dynamic tiering;
  • Effective TCO.

Email solutions partners

  • BlueMind
  • Synacor
  • Vade Secure
Bring your digital business to the next-level
  • lower your TCO 80% !

  • reduce hardware footprint 40% !

  • simplify platform administration and app development 90% !