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IoT & Big Data

Build Next-Gen infrastructures
for IoT & Big Data

We are entering in a new world full of small, isolated devices that can produce huge amounts of data, but, while connectivity is evolving at a similar pace, there are many reasons to store, preserve, and process this data where it is created. At the same time, consolidating data in large repositories (data lakes) enables users to run big data applications and get the most out of their data.

Distributed storage infrastructures, central high-capacity repositories

OpenIO SDS can be installed on the smallest IoT devices as well on powerful data center servers. This makes it possible to build remote, distributed storage infrastructures for small devices and connect them to central, high-capacity repositories for computation-intensive applications. Standard protocols ease data access, while Grid for Apps makes it possible to run applications triggered by events directly where data resides.

  • Building an Industrial IoT strategy is a top priority for many large organizations;
  • IoT devices are generally small and local resources are limited;
  • Data resiliency, security, and high availability are hard to achieve;
  • Seamless, robust, and scalable data plane is the key.


  • Pure software-defined software available for small devices and large data center servers;
  • The most flexible object storage infrastructure on the market;
  • Conscience technology for the best resource utilization;
  • Grid for Apps framework to process data where it is generated, consolidated, or where it resides;
  • Open source solution;
  • Same data plane designed to connect the smallest of IoT devices directly with the largest of data lakes.
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  • lower your TCO 80% !

  • reduce hardware footprint 40% !

  • simplify platform administration and app development 90% !